[Bioc-devel] All Package Maintainers Please README!

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc at channing.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 26 18:43:15 CEST 2007

> That is an interesting thought, although I'm not sure if blosxom can be
> coerced into doing such a thing.
> Assuming for a moment that it might be possible, can you give me an
> example of what sort of information you are referring to? I agree that a
> list of files is uninformative unless the reader knows what is in each
> file. OTOH, something like a diff, especially for lots of little
> changes, is IMO very difficult to digest.

i was thinking along the lines of a diff.  these are probably
obtainable through svn.

> As an aside, for someone who is maintaining a single package I think the
> convention is that they just have commit privileges for their package
> alone. However, are they unable to check out other packages and do diffs
> themselves?

i don't know

> I see the changelog as being a simple way to tell others that some
> changes of a certain type have been made, and the interested parties
> could then delve deeper into the subject themselves in whatever manner
> works best for them.

yes, if we have good changelog comment discipline (and it seems they
do at fhcrc) that should be good enough.  and the INTERNAL (or #?)
prefix can be used for those comments we don't care to publicize.
i think that can work.  i wonder if we could make svn put a little
reminder in the editor text at commit time?  would that be a local
configuration or something at the server side?  something like
'comments will be blogged, use # to hide from the external world...'

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