[Bioc-devel] assayDat and ExpressionSet

Kasper Daniel Hansen khansen at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Oct 15 23:29:34 CEST 2007

There is currently (release version) no enforcement on whether an  
ExpressionSet has one or more assayData members not called "exprs".  
Is this intentional and will it be stable?

Also, any particular reason why some of the validity functions like  
validMsg (and some others as well) is not exported from Biobase? They  
seem useful for validity tests.

Finally, as AffyBatch inherits from eSet there is no requirement (as  
far as I can see) that an AffyData object has an "exprs" assayData  
member. Shouldn't AffyBatch inherit from ExpressionSet (of course  
that depends on the answer to my first question).


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