[Bioc-devel] Automatic notifications of build failure

Herve Pages hpages at fhcrc.org
Wed Nov 21 01:34:02 CET 2007

Hi BioC developers,

Two weeks ago, our build system started sending weekly notifications
of build failure. This notification is an individual email sent every
Tuesday to each maintainer whose package failed to pass 'R CMD build'
or 'R CMD check' on any of our build system during the latest build run.
Note that this is for the *release* builds only:


(Maybe we'll consider to do the same for the *devel* builds
in the future, especially when we get close to the next release.)

These automatically generated emails are sent from the following

  BBS-noreply at bioconductor.org

and look like this (for package foo):

  foo problems reported by the "Multiple platform build/check report" for
  BioC 2.1

  [This is an automatically generated email. Please don't reply.]

  Hi foo maintainer,

  According to the "Multiple platform build/check report" for BioC 2.1,
  the foo package has the following problem(s):

    o ERROR for 'R CMD check' on wellington. See the details here:

    o TIMEOUT for 'R CMD build' on pitt. See the details here:

  Please take the time to address this and use your Subversion account
  when you are ready to commit a fix to your package.

    <some important notes here>

  Thanks for contributing to the Bioconductor project!

Please, make sure that they will not be caught by your spam filter.

Any feedback on this new feature is welcome.


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