[Bioc-devel] some data packages available for testing

Nianhua Li nli at fhcrc.org
Wed Mar 7 02:38:44 CET 2007


Some data packages are available at
http://www.bioconductor.org/packages/2.0/data/annotation/ for testing.
Version number is 1.15.12. Both source and windows binaries are there.
Annotation data was downloaded from public databases on Feb 28.

ag           hgu133a2     hu35ksubd        moe430b          rgu34b
agahomology  hgu133b      hu6800           mouse4302        rgu34c
ath1121501   hgu133plus2  humanCHRLOC      mouse430a2       rguatlas4k
athhomology  hgu95a       humanLLMappings  mouseCHRLOC      rgug4105a
btahomology  hgu95av2     hvuhomology      mouseLLMappings  rgug4130a
canine2      hgu95b       indac            mu11ksuba        rnohomology
celegans     hgu95c       KEGG             mu11ksubb        rnu34
celhomology  hgu95d       klahomology      mu19ksuba        rtu34
cfahomology  hgu95e       mgrhomology      mu19ksubb        scehomology
chicken      hguatlas13k  mgu74a           mu19ksubc        spohomology
cinhomology  hgubeta7     mgu74av2         ncrhomology      sschomology
dmehomology  hguDKFZ31    mgu74b           omyhomology      taehomology
drehomology  hgug4100a    mgu74bv2         osahomology      u133x3p
drosgenome1  hgug4101a    mgu74c           pfahomology      vvihomology
drosophila2  hgug4110b    mgu74cv2         PFAM             xenopuslaevis
egohomology  hgug4111a    mguatlas5k       ptrhomology      xlahomology
ggahomology  hgug4112a    mgug4104a        rae230a          xtrhomology
gmahomology  hguqiagenv3  mgug4120a        rae230b          YEAST
GO           hsahomology  mgug4121a        rat2302          yeast2
hcg110       hu35ksuba    mgug4122a        ratCHRLOC        ygs98
hgfocus      hu35ksubb    mmuhomology      ratLLMappings    zebrafish
hgu133a      hu35ksubc    moe430a          rgu34a           zmahomology

The following packages will be updated soon: PFAM, cMAP

Bug reports are highly appreciated. Thanks.


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