[Bioc-devel] RBGL 1.12 compile/install issue

Li.Long at isb-sib.ch Li.Long at isb-sib.ch
Tue Jun 19 14:07:17 CEST 2007

Hi, Ben,

Could you take a look at your .../R-2.5.0/bin/SHLIB?  This is what
packages use to build their shared libs.  This script is auto-generated
based on
when you install R.  There's nothing special in generating .so in RBGL
compared with generating .so in other packages.

I don't have access to CentOS, but I suspect that during your R
installation, the "configure"-step didn't set the "-shared" flag properly.
 In that case, the fix will have to go to R installation to handle CentOS

Let me know.  Thanks.


> Hello folks
> No question here, just information.  I've noticed a small problem when
> trying to install RBGL 1.12 on a Linux platform.  The compilation steps
> work fine, until the .so object is to be built.  There is no -shared
> flag, so it tries to build a standalone executable instead of a shared
> object.
> My system details are:
> CentOS 4.5
> gcc/g++ version 3.4.6 (Also tried with 4.1)
> R version 2.5.0
> This issue was fixed easily enough by adding the line 'PKG_LIBS=-shared'
> to the src/Makevars file, then re-tarring the package
> Sincerely,
> Ben Snyder

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