[Bioc-devel] SQLite databases

Simon Lin simonlin at duke.edu
Wed Jun 13 00:34:57 CEST 2007

Hi Seth,

Eric Just, my colleagues at Northwestern, is tackling the same issue under a different context. He come up with a Modware solution. Although it is designed for another purpose using Perl, the same principle can be relevant here: instead of having an embed SQL statement (which might drive many BioC users crazy), a logic layer would make users feel more comfortable. 

Here are some slides of ModWare:



But in terms of making things easily accessible to Bioconductor users,
simply making a SQLite DB file available is not, in general, going to
be enough.  If we want users to be able to access the data without
writing SQL, then we will need careful study of the DB schema and
interface classes that provide alternate query mechanisms.


+ seth

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