[Bioc-devel] new package: annotationTools

Alexandre Kuhn alexandre.kuhn at epfl.ch
Tue Jan 16 10:05:53 CET 2007

Dear Bioconductor developers,

I have collected a series of functions useful for annotating microarrays and
finding orthologs using flat file databases into an R package called

Affymetrix annotation files (e.g. 'HG-U133_Plus_2_annot.csv'), Affymetrix
ortholog file (e.g. 'HG-U133_Plus_2_ortholog.csv') or the HomoloGene
database ('homologene.data') are examples of files that can be used in
conjunction with the functions in annotationTools.

The package is available from

Bioconductor is already providing several elegant solutions for annotation
(e.i. meta-data packages, biomaRt package). However, I feel that many users
rely on annotations available as text files such that the functions in the
package annotationTools might be considerered as a complementary solution.

Thanks in advance for your feedback/comments.


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