[Bioc-devel] Some build system news

Herve Pages hpages at fhcrc.org
Wed Feb 28 05:19:46 CET 2007


Here are the last news about our build system:

  - There is now a "NOT SUPPORTED" feature: if your package is not supported
    on Windows (or Mac OS X), then you can add a .BBSoptions file in the top
    directory of your package with the following line:

        UnsupportedPlatforms: win

    You can list several platforms (separated by a comma) and/or mix them with
    some specific build machine names e.g.:

        UnsupportedPlatforms: mac, churchill

    Note that I have already added a .BBSoptions file for some packages that are
    known to not build on Windows.

  - There are now per-machine reports: you can access them by clicking on the
    build machine name in the SUMMARY section.

  - The build machine names are now reported in the individual package reports.
    See for example:


    Also the line corresponding to the current build machine is now in bold.

  - For each package, the Last Changed Date and Last Changed Rev is now indicated.
    This of course for the last change that occured before the builds started (the
    Snapshot Date on the main page indicates when the builds started).

  - We have 2 new automated builds:

      a. Daily builds for the experimental data packages:


      b. Hourly builds for the software packages in biocLite:


    The dispatch page for all the automated builds is here:


Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions/wishes.


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