[Bioc-devel] Reminder: BioC 1.9 release deadline TOMORROW

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Thu Sep 28 23:09:15 CEST 2006

Hi all,

A few quick reminders:

Deadline for passing check

The deadline for packages to pass 'R CMD check' without any WARNING
messages is TOMORROW, 29 Sept.

We are now in code freeze (since Monday): NO API changes, bug fixes

Release branch and version bumping

Tomorrow, 29 Sept, at 11:00 am PDT, we will create the 1.9 release
branch in svn and make an announcement on this list.  

We will increment the version numbers of all packages that are part of
the 1.9 release.  The version scheme/policy is described here:

IMPORTANT: Further bug fixes for the 1.9 release need to be made on or
ported to this branch in svn.  Once the release branch is announced,
regular (non-release) development can resume on svn trunk.  When we
announce the branch, we will include instructions for creating a
checkout and committing.

Other Notes

Please review your packages:

A number of helpers in our group have made a pass over the repository
making small fixes to a number of packages to remove warnings.

There may be some warnings that are unavoidable.  Please post a
question if you are unsure.

Best Wishes,

+ seth

Seth Falcon | Computational Biology | Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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