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M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at cesmail.net
Tue Nov 28 07:22:20 CET 2006

Robert Gentleman wrote:
> Hi,
>    You may have missed the discussion on R-devel, as it was never clear 
> that it was likely to have a direct impact on your work, but there is a 
> change to Sweave in R-devel that is likely to affect most vignettes, 
> papers and other work that relies on Sweave.
>    Duncan Murdoch in a series of posts with:
>     Re: [Rd] Source references from the parser
>    has changed the default behavior of parsing R code into Sweave, for 
> the 2.5 candidate version of R.
>   This change has some benefits and addresses issues that some have 
> raised, but it seems that the decision to make the new behavior the 
> default (rather than optional) seems less than kind to those of us that 
> make extensive use of Sweave.
>    I strongly suggest that you voice some opinion on this unless you 
> want to review all your vigenttes, papers, books and find places where 
> the new behavior clashes with the old.
>    best wishes
>      Robert
I'm moderately interested in this -- what's the thread I should search 
for in the R-Devel archives?

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