[Bioc-devel] gfortran instead of g77 ?

Herve Pages hpages at fhcrc.org
Thu May 4 00:22:31 CEST 2006

Hi Korbinian,

(I've cc'ed to bioc-devel where, I think, we can benefit from more 

Korbinian Strimmer wrote:

>Dear Herve,
>>  o The -Wall flag is back. We've been using it for the 1.8 builds
>>    since February.
>>    It's back in the 1.9 builds too. I will also try to add the
>>    -pedantic flag if this can lead to even more usefull compiler
>>    messages.
>I have another suggestion for BioC 1.9 and 1.10:  would it be possible
>that in the Linux tool chain instead of the (obsolete) "g77" you
>now use the "gfortran" compiler?
>"gfortran" is the official Fortran 95 compiler and is part of
>gcc 4 (http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/GFortran).
>R itself compiles perfectly with "gfortran", but unfortunately not all
>BioC packages (e.g. impute). So having "gfortran" as default this would
>probably lead to more compatible Fortran code...

When we build R on our Build System machines, we let the 'configure' script
pick up the right compilers for us.
The default search for the Fortran compiler is described here

So, g77 will be picked up on a Linux systems with gcc 3 (e.g. SUSE 9.2) and
it will be gfortran on a Linux system with gcc 4 (e.g. SUSE 10.0).

Compare the BUILD output for the DNAcopy package on gopher5 (SUSE 9.2)
vs gladstone (SUSE 10.0):

To make this more clear, more details about the platforms used on our
Build System machines will be available on the build/check report soon...
Thanks for your feedback.


Hervé Pagès
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