[Bioc-devel] Will your package be in the Bioc 1.8 release?

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Fri Mar 31 01:26:21 CEST 2006

Hello Bioc developers,

The following packages have a version number starting with zero
(0.y.z) and as such will not be part of the upcoming Bioc 1.8 release.

Our policy is that package with < 1.0.0 are not including in releases
(but remain in devel, of course).  For details please see our `version

__ http://www.bioconductor.org/developers/devwiki/VersionNumberingStandards

Here are the packages along with a note indicating whether they passed
R CMD check on the most recent build.

>     adSplit
>     affyio               PASS
>     arji
>     beadarray            PASS
>     biocViews            PASS
>     codelink
>     copa                 PASS
>     EBImage
>     exprDB
>     GeneRfold
>     gtkWidgets           PASS
>     LMGene
>     LPEP
>     makePlatformDesign   PASS
>     Mfuzz                PASS
>     oligo
>     pathRender           PASS
>     RLMM                 PASS
>     RPostgreSQL
>     Rredland
>     snapCGH              PASS
>     SNPscan

If one of these is yours and you want it in the release, please change
the version number to 0.99.0 and respond to this thread.  Of course,
inclusion in the release also depends on meeting the deadlines for
passing check as outlined in the release schedule.

Best Wishes,

+ seth

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