[Bioc-devel] Annotation: hgfocus missing

abprog at charter.net abprog at charter.net
Thu Mar 23 16:52:29 CET 2006

I am working on a group of microarrays that are publicly available.
They are an affybach object. When I type the name of the object it reports that they are annotated: annotation=hgfocus
There are other ways to find the annotation of the probesets which I have already done, but I wanted to test a paper in the bioconductor home page that was recommending to use annaffy package. Following the instructions here is what I get:
> gbs<-aafGenBank(probeids,"hgfocus")
[1] "You are missing hgfocus looking to see if it is available."
Error in chkPkgs(chip) : couldn't find function "userQuery"

I do not see a package "chip" in the libraries I have downloaded, and the same in the list online:
Is there a place where I can download hgfocus? I tried with affymetrix homepage, but it creates a large group of files and at the end the setup aborts because it wants in our computers to have SQL server, which is nonsense.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions,

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