[Bioc-devel] imageMap in package genplotter has wrong signature

Wolfgang Huber huber at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Mar 6 14:20:41 CET 2006

Hi Florian: please go ahead an check in your fix.
All: should we set the maintainer for geneplotter, genefilter, Biobase 
to be "bioc-devel"? This might lower the threshold for some to contribute?


  Hahne wrote:
> Hi Seth,
> Seth Falcon schrieb:
>>Hi Florian,
>>Not sure I understand what's going on, but the graph package defines a
>>method fromGXL that has a connection object as part of its signature.
>>Here's what the code does there:
>>    setIs("file", "connection")
> This doesn't work here, only produces another error.  And as far as I
> understand, it can be used to set up inheritance via a subclass but what
> is needed here is rather a virtual S4 class "connection" to allow for
> method dispatching. Since
> setOldClass(c("file", "connection"))
> works interactively but not in the source code, this could also be a
> namespace issue.  There is a paramter "which" to setOldClass and the
> documentation states, that it can be used to specify the search path
> position to assign the virtual class to, but playing around with it
> didn't help either. As a solution for myself I now changed the signature to
> signature(object="matrix", con="ANY", tags="list",
>     imgname="character")
> but this is definitely not the most beautiful way to solve the problem.
> If you want I can check in the fix, but I'm not the maintainer of the
> package and don't want to mess with other people's code...
> Florian
> PS: Thanks for adding another one of my numerous email adresses to the
> mailing list ;)

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