[Bioc-devel] BioC2006 Call for Practicals

Robert Gentleman rgentlem at fhcrc.org
Wed Feb 8 02:10:16 CET 2006

   We are preparing for BioC 2006, which will be held here in Seattle 
(for statisticians, just before the JSM), Aug 3 and 4. The format will 
be the same as last year, morning talks and afternoon practicals.

   This is a call for proposals for practical presentations. They should 
be approximately 3 hours long, and should be based on showing how to 
make use of some computational software.

   Please send proposals to Nianhua Li <nli at fhcrc.org>,
with the following information:
   1) Speaker names and contact email
   2) Title of presentation
   3) A one paragraph abstract.

  As we did last year, all proposals will be put on the web and 
conference attendees will vote for the ones that they want to attend. We 
(the organizing committee) will then select those that get the highest 
vote totals for presentation at BioC2006.

   Attendees will have access to the internet via wireless LAN and we 
will have a variety of media available for distributing software and 
data. We will have very limited ability to provide hardcopy material, so 
please do not plan on massive handouts.

   The conference will also have a poster session so that is an 
alternative method for presenting your material, but more details on 
that shortly.


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