[Bioc-devel] Sweave changes (keep.source = TRUE or FALSE?)

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc at channing.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 7 17:39:20 CET 2006

> One of the problems I have with using R and BioConductor is that
> backwards compatibility rarely seems to be considered when new versions
> are released.  (That statement may be wrong, but it is the impression I
> have formed from watching things change over time.) Someone gets an idea

I object -- we do put considerable effort into the deprecation activity when
features are being withdrawn.  Deprecating serialized data instances took
some work.  Users get a full release period of warning that things are
changing, and we try to provide convenient tools that perform the necessary
revisions.   You are correct that full/permanent backwards
compatibility is not a priority; it is retained when it is consistent with
the overall progress of the project.

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