[Bioc-devel] MCRestimate 1.2.6, stratify bug

xinan yang xnyang at seu.edu.cn
Wed Apr 12 18:37:35 CEST 2006

Hi, everyone,

I use  MCRestimate 1.2.6,
but failed to set the parameter "stratify=TRUE", which call 
balanced.folds to cut the samples into folds.

the samples I used are 28 in classed and 29 in another class.

It is as below:

res.cv <- MCRestimate(eset,
+                  class.column="class",
+                  variableSel.fun = "varSel.highest.t.stat",
+                  classification.fun ="SVM.wrap",
+                  poss.parameters=list(kernel="linear"),
+                  cross.outer=10,
+                  cross.repeat=2,
+                  cross.inner=5,
+                  stratify=TRUE)
12Error in sampleOfFolds[[sample]] : subscript out of bounds

Anyone can give me a hint?



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