[Bioc-devel] Newly proposed version bump plan

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Thu Sep 29 02:20:13 CEST 2005

Hi all,

After considering the discussion on this list, here is our current
plan for version bumping:

For future releases:

1. All packages have version number in format x.y.z

2. y is an odd number in devel and gets bumped to an even number for

3. If a package has not changed in devel, the version number will not
   be bumped.

What this means for now:

1. Packages need to move to an x.y.z scheme (see below for a list of
   packages that don't fit x.y.z at present).

2. For the BioC 1.7 release, we will bump y to the nearest even
   number.  To create the new line of devel for BioC 1.8, we will add
   1 to the resulting release y number.  The version bumping will
   happen at the last second and be performed centrally by the release

3. For the 1.7 release, everything in the release gets bumped to
   simplify the move to the even/odd scheme.  In future releases, if a
   package is unchanged in devel, we will not increment the version
   just for the release.

Finally, if you find this plan sufficiently annoying, please let us
know.  If there is sufficient outcry, we will ammend or cancel these
plans.  Our goals are to
 - improve the consistency of the versioning scheme
 - make it easier for users to distinguish between release/devel
 - not annoy package developers

Best Wishes,

+ seth

List of packages not conforming to x.y.z version numbering scheme.  If
one of these is yours, please consider moving to an x.y.z version
scheme asap.

affxparser           1.1-3      
affyQCReport         1.6-2
affyr                0.1-1      
affyrgraphics        0.0-1      
affyrwidgets         0.0-1      
arji                 0.0-14     
biclust              0.4        
ChromoViz            1.1
diffGeneAnalysis     1.10     
fdrame               1.1      
genecluster          0.1        
GeneTS               2.7        
GlobalAncova         1.2      
GXL                  1.0        
machLI               0.5        
mmgmos               1.0        
oligochips           0.1        
packReflect          0.2-0      
rankProduct          1.2        
reb                  1.1      
RSGB                 0.0-4      
Rswub                0.0-13     
SBMLR                1.22     
SNPtools             1.0-0

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