[Bioc-devel] biocViews tags in DESCRIPTION, current status

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc at channing.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 14 16:42:15 CEST 2005

Only 23 packages have fields at this time.  Developers, please
pick your terms from vocabulary at the end of this mail.
NB -- I may have missed a term or two that developers sent me
in the recent past.  Please let me know if the vocabulary needs
some extensions, and accept my apologies if a term suggestion
went astray.

AnnBuilder/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Annotation, Microarray
GeneTS/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: TimeCourse, GraphsAndNetworks, MultipleComparisons, Visualization
KEGGSOAP/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Annotation, Pathways
RBGL/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: GraphsAndNetworks
Resourcerer/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Annotation, microarray
affxparser/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: DataImport
affy/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Microarray, OneChannel, Preprocessing
affyPLM/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Microarray, OneChannel, Preprocessing, QualityControl
arrayMagic/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Microarray,TwoChannel,DataImport,QualityControl,Preprocessing
biocViews/DESCRIPTION:Package: biocViews
biomaRt/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Annotation
clusterStab/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Clustering
genArise/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Microarray, TwoChannel, Preprocessing
ideogram/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Visualization
matchprobes/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Microarray, Annotation
nnNorm/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Microarray, OneChannel, TwoChannel, Preprocessing
pdmclass/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Classification
prada/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: CellBasedAssays, Visualization
reb/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Microarray, DNACopyNumber
sagenhaft/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: SAGE
tkWidgets/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Infrastructure
vsn/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Microarray, OneChannel, TwoChannel, Preprocessing
widgetTools/DESCRIPTION:biocViews: Infrastructure

Vocabulary graph:

digraph G {
Microarray -> OneChannel;
Microarray -> TwoChannel;
Microarray -> DataImport;
Microarray -> QualityControl;
Microarray -> Preprocessing;
Microarray -> Transcription;
Microarray -> DNACopyNumber;
Microarray -> SNPsAndGeneticVariability;
Statistics -> DifferentialExpression;
Statistics -> Clustering;
Statistics -> Classification;
Statistics -> MultipleComparisons;
Technology -> Microarray;
Technology -> Proteomics;
Technology -> MassSpectrometry;
Technology -> SAGE;
Technology -> CellBasedAssays;
Technology -> Genetics;
Annotation -> GO;
Annotation -> Pathways;
Annotation -> ProprietaryPlatforms;
Annotation -> ReportWriting;

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