[Bioc-devel] Newbie Question - How to submit patches

Wolfgang Huber huber at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Oct 24 01:25:25 CEST 2005

Hi Paul,

sorry for the late reply, I have been out of the loop, was only just 
made aware of this thread by Robert.

Myself and Florian Hahne are responsible for the offending code in 
genefilter/src/rowPAUCs.c, we'll fix this a.s.a.p. It is a violation of 
R coding standards. My apologies.

Some of the dynamic variable allocations in that code can actually be 
avoided in the first place, for the others we'll use R_alloc rather than 
expressions like
	double xin[lx], yin[lx];

Best wishes

Wolfgang Huber
European Bioinformatics Institute
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Cambridge CB10 1SD
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