[Bioc-devel] Updated check results page

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Fri Nov 11 16:49:52 CET 2005

> Please have a look at the two proposed report formats and tell us what
> you think.

They both look very nice.  My two comments are that first I have always
found it very helpful to have the maintainer name next to the package
name.  This has a practical effect beyond visual in that one can do a
'find' on your name to immediately get to your package(s).  Also, IMHO it
would be better to have the column names for the different platforms to
list the platform and not the hostname (and perhaps some combination of
arch & OS, eg 'x86_64 Linux').  These immediately have more meaning to me
then a hostname, and while the table does exist at the top there would be
less cross referencing if it went the other way around.

In terms of visuals, I feel that format A looks nicer and is easier to
immediately parse but format B does contain more information.

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