[Bioc-devel] Error during wrapup, what does this mean?

Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Rainer johannes.rainer at tugraz.at
Fri May 20 15:46:04 CEST 2005

hi, it's again me, but i found the problem...
as i am working with database connections and if an error occurs in a 
function call i want to roll back the whole stuff that has been written 
into a database, i thought to be smart and defined with

> options(error=expression(.rollItBack(Con)))

where .rollItBack is a function that sends the command ROLLBACK 
TRANSACTION to the database. well, i did not think, that when the error 
occurs the object Con, which is a local variable in the function does 
not exist, unless the user has called the connection object also 'Con'.

now i want to ask how i can define a global variable from within a function.

cheers, jo

Quoting "Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Rainer" <johannes.rainer at tugraz.at>:

> hi,
> i am getting the error message:
>> Error during wrapup: Object "Con" not found
> in my functions and have no idea from where this message comes (i 
> have renamed some function arguments from 'Con' to 'con', maybe the 
> message comes from there :) ). nevertheless i do not know where i 
> should search for this error (as the functions work like they 
> should...). can anybody tell me more to this error message?
> cheers, jo
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