[Bioc-devel] Re: [BioC] can't instal MetaData package "mouse4302"

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Sun Mar 13 19:58:53 CET 2005

A couple of clarifications:

At 12:33 PM 13/03/2005, Robert Gentleman wrote:
>> Some issues are due to the move to Seattle (hopefully that is
>> mostly resolved now), and some due to the change from LocusLink to
>> EntrezGene - and that is more problematic as our basic data sources
>> have changed completely.

The mouse4302_1.6.9 annotation package that is currently on
www.bioconductor.org was created, without any change to the data, from
version 1.6.8.  The 1.6.9 version resolves an issue with data file
packaging that prevented use of the package on Windows.

Version 1.6.8 was built in early January 2005 by Jianhua (according to
the DESCRIPTION file). My understanding is that this package would
have been built against LocusLink and not EntrezGene.

+ seth

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