[Bioc-devel] Updates: hexbin

Nicholas Lewin-Koh nikko at hailmail.net
Fri Dec 9 20:07:57 CET 2005

Hi here are the updates in hexbin
Thanks to some help from Deepayan Sarkar, hexagon binning functions now
work with grid. Implemented
so far are hexbinplot (xyplot with hexbins) and hexplom (splom with
hexbins). There are several panel functions
for hexboxplots and other features. The group variable defaults to
hexdiff plots. 

Also I am working on some added apply functions for hexbins to apply
functions over margins of the hexagon
grid and over hexagon neighborhoods. Finally, for spatial applications
mainly, the ability to clip a hexgaon 
lattice by and arbitrary convex polygon.


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