[Bioc-devel] Updated biocViews beta available: please comment

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Wed Dec 7 17:28:40 CET 2005

On  7 Dec 2005, jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu wrote:
> It is definitely more readable, but something just bugs me when I
> look at obfuscated emails.  I tend to agree w/ Robert's comment that
> it might be a good idea to just not include them.

OK, unless some other folks speak up with a different point of view,
it looks like we will just remove email addresses entirely from the
HTML listings.

>> Email address that aren't specified with angle brackets won't be
>> found and will appear as-is.
> I thoguht that the angle brackets were required for the maintainer
> field?

Yes, but you get to do whatever you want in the Author field :-(
And I'm not even certain that Maintainer is properly validated, but
yet, the format is at least specified.

+ seth

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