[Bioc-devel] automation / interactivity of plots on S-PLUS

COMBES Florence florence.combes at paris7.jussieu.fr
Wed Nov 3 14:12:14 CET 2004

Dear all,

I have 2 questions maybe more for developpers, and about an S-PLUS 
I think that people from R and maybe Bioconductor could also help me.

When producing a graph with S-PLUS (under Windows XP), it is possible 
to select (with the mouse) an area of the graph in order to highlight 
the rows corresponding to the selected plots on the dataset sheet.

In my case I have to plot about 100 graphs, so I wrote a script with a 
loop to do that automatically. Each time you pass through this "for" 
loop the graph is done.
My problem is that with this way to build graphs, I lost the 
possiblity to highlight data in the data set sheet by defining a zone 
with the mouse on the graph sheet.
(actually it is impossible to define a zone on the graph with the 

Does anyone already encountered this problem, and would handle a 
solution ?

I saw maybe the brush() function to be applied on the loop, but this 
seems to return only the row indices and I would like a variable more 
informative that is on a column in my data set sheet.

In my script I want to use the menuSubset() command. It works in 
command line, but I would like this command to appear as a graphical 
I can have the window with the following command line:

guiDisplayDialog("Function", "menuSubset")

but the problem is that the script continues to run, and does not wait 
for the user to click on the "OK" button in order to wait for the 
result of the command Subset, which is a matrix needed further on the 
Do you know a way to pass arguments from the data filled in the window 
to the script, or to force S-PLUs to wait ?

Any help gratefully welcome,

Florence Combes.

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