Data Analytics in Organisations and Business

Autumn semester 2021

General information

Lecturer Isabelle Flückiger
Lectures Fri 14-16 HG G 5 >>
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Exercises Every second Fri 16-18 HG G 5 >>
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Course content

On the end-to-end process of data analytics in organisations & business and how to transform data into insights for fact based decisions. Presentation of the process from the beginning with framing the business problem to presenting the results and making decisions by the use of data analytics. For each topic case studies from the financial service, healthcare and retail sectors will be presented.


Course materials

The lecture notes from 2015 are available here .

Week Topic Material
Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 Framing the Business Problem I
Week 3 Framing the Business Problem II
Framing the Analytics Problem I
Week 4 Framing the Analytics Problem II
Week 5 Data I
Week 6 Data II
Week 7 Data III
Week 8 Problem Solving Approaches I
Week 9 Problem Solving Approaches II
Week 10 Problem Solving Approaches III
Week 11 Problem Solving Approaches IV
Identification of Model Structure I
Week 12 Identification of Model Structure II
Responsible AI
Deployment of Models I
Week 13 Deployment of Models II
Model lifecycle
Operating models

Series and solutions

The series' solutions can be handed in during the lecture or be emailed to Isabelle. It is not required to submit your solutions.

Previous exams

Year Questions Solutions
2015 (Winter) Questions 2015 Solutions 2015
2017 (Summer) Questions 2017 Not available*
*Unfortunately, we cannot provide solutions for the 2017 exam at the present time.