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Defunct Functions in Package stats


The functions or variables listed here are no longer part of R as they are not needed (any more).


## Defunct in R 1.x
reshapeWide(x, i, j, val, jnames = levels(j))
reshapeLong(x, jvars,  ilev = row.names(x),
            jlev = names(x)[jvars], iname = "reshape.i",
            jname = "reshape.j", vname = "reshape.v")
plot.mts(x, plot.type = c("multiple", "single"), panel = lines,
         log = "", col = par("col"),  bg = NA, pch = par("pch"),
         cex = par("cex"), lty = par("lty"), lwd = par("lwd"),
         ann = par("ann"),  xlab = "Time", type = "l", main = NULL,
         oma = c(6, 0, 5, 0), ...)
print.coefmat(x, digits = max(3, getOption("digits") - 2),
              signif.stars = getOption("show.signif.stars"),
              dig.tst = max(1, min(5, digits - 1)),
              cs.ind, tst.ind, zap.ind = integer(0),
              P.values = NULL, has.Pvalue,
              eps.Pvalue = .Machine$double.eps,
              na.print = "", ...)
anovalist.lm(object, ..., test = NULL), y, method = "qr", tol = 1e-07, ...)
lm.wfit.null(x, y, w, method = "qr", tol = 1e-07, ...), y, weights, start = NULL,
             etastart = NULL, mustart = NULL, offset,
             family = gaussian(), control = glm.control(),
             intercept = FALSE)

# Defunct in 2.4.0
mauchley.test(object, Sigma = diag(nrow = p),
   T = Thin.row(proj(M) - proj(X)), M = diag(nrow = p), X = ~0,
   idata = data.frame(index = seq(length = p)), ...)

# Defunct in 2.10.0


The *chisq() functions now take an optional non-centrality argument, so the *nchisq() functions are no longer needed.

reshape*, which were experimental, are replaced by reshape. This has a different syntax and allows multiple time-varying variables.

arima0.diag has been replaced by tsdiag.arima0.

plot.mts has been removed, as plot.ts now has the same functionality.

print.coefmat was an older name for printCoefmat with a different default for na.print.

anovalist.lm was replaced by anova.lmlist in R 1.2.0. and lm.wfit.null are superseded by and lm.wfit which handle null models now. Similarly, is superseded by

mauchley.test was a misspelling of Mauchly's name, corrected by the introduction of mauchly.test.

clearNames had been introduced at about the same time as unname, but is less general and has been used rarely.

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