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ANOVA Tables


Compute analysis of variance (or deviance) tables for one or more fitted model objects.


anova(object, ...)



an object containing the results returned by a model fitting function (e.g., lm or glm).


additional objects of the same type.


This (generic) function returns an object of class anova. These objects represent analysis-of-variance and analysis-of-deviance tables. When given a single argument it produces a table which tests whether the model terms are significant.

When given a sequence of objects, anova tests the models against one another in the order specified.

The print method for anova objects prints tables in a ‘pretty’ form.


The comparison between two or more models will only be valid if they are fitted to the same dataset. This may be a problem if there are missing values and R's default of na.action = na.omit is used.


Chambers, J. M. and Hastie, T. J. (1992) Statistical Models in S, Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole.

See Also

coefficients, effects, fitted.values, residuals, summary, drop1, add1.

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