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Distributions in the stats package


Density, cumulative distribution function, quantile function and random variate generation for many standard probability distributions are available in the stats package.


The functions for the density/mass function, cumulative distribution function, quantile function and random variate generation are named in the form dxxx, pxxx, qxxx and rxxx respectively.

For the beta distribution see dbeta.

For the binomial (including Bernoulli) distribution see dbinom.

For the Cauchy distribution see dcauchy.

For the chi-squared distribution see dchisq.

For the exponential distribution see dexp.

For the F distribution see df.

For the gamma distribution see dgamma.

For the geometric distribution see dgeom. (This is also a special case of the negative binomial.)

For the hypergeometric distribution see dhyper.

For the log-normal distribution see dlnorm.

For the multinomial distribution see dmultinom.

For the negative binomial distribution see dnbinom.

For the normal distribution see dnorm.

For the Poisson distribution see dpois.

For the Student's t distribution see dt.

For the uniform distribution see dunif.

For the Weibull distribution see dweibull.

For less common distributions of test statistics see pbirthday, dsignrank, ptukey and dwilcox (and see the ‘See Also’ section of cor.test).

See Also

RNG about random number generation in R.

The CRAN task view on distributions, https://CRAN.R-project.org/view=Distributions, mentioning several CRAN packages for additional distributions.

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