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Default Prepanel Functions


These prepanel functions are used as fallback defaults in various high level plot functions in Lattice. These are rarely useful to normal users but may be helpful in developing new displays.


prepanel.default.bwplot(x, y, horizontal, nlevels, origin, stack, ...)
prepanel.default.histogram(x, breaks, equal.widths, type, nint, ...)
prepanel.default.qq(x, y, ...)
prepanel.default.xyplot(x, y, type, subscripts, groups, ...)
prepanel.default.cloud(perspective, distance,
                       xlim, ylim, zlim,
                       screen = list(z = 40, x = -60),
                       R.mat = diag(4),
                       aspect = c(1, 1), panel.aspect = 1,
                       ..., zoom = 0.8)
prepanel.default.levelplot(x, y, subscripts, ...)
prepanel.default.qqmath(x, f.value, distribution, qtype,
                        groups, subscripts, ..., tails.n = 0)
prepanel.default.densityplot(x, darg, groups, weights, subscripts, ...)
prepanel.default.parallel(x, y, z, ..., horizontal.axis)
prepanel.default.splom(z, ...)


x, y

x and y values, numeric or factor


logical, applicable when one of the variables is to be treated as categorical (factor or shingle).


logical indicating whether the parallel axes should be laid out horizontally (TRUE) or vertically (FALSE).


number of levels of such a categorical variable.

origin, stack

for barcharts or the type="h" plot type

breaks, equal.widths, type, nint

details of histogram calculations. type has a different meaning in prepanel.default.xyplot (see panel.xyplot)

groups, subscripts

See xyplot. Whenever appropriate, calculations are done separately for each group and then combined.


numeric vector of weights for the density calculations. If this is specified, it is subsetted by subscripts to match it to x.

perspective, distance, xlim, ylim, zlim, screen, R.mat, aspect, panel.aspect, zoom

see panel.cloud

f.value, distribution, tails.n

see panel.qqmath


list of arguments passed to density


see panel.parallel and panel.pairs


type of quantile


other arguments, usually ignored


A list with components xlim, ylim, dx and dy, and possibly xat and yat, the first two being used to calculate panel axes limits, the last two for banking computations. The form of these components are described in the help page for xyplot.


Deepayan Sarkar Deepayan.Sarkar@R-project.org

See Also

xyplot, banking, Lattice. See documentation of corresponding panel functions for more details about the arguments.

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