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Default Panel Function for dotplot


Default panel function for dotplot.


panel.dotplot(x, y, horizontal = TRUE,
              pch, col, lty, lwd, col.line,
              groups = NULL,
              grid = lattice.getOption("default.args")$grid,
              identifier = "dotplot")


x, y

variables to be plotted in the panel. Typically y is the ‘factor’


logical. If FALSE, the plot is ‘transposed’ in the sense that the behaviours of x and y are switched. x is now the ‘factor’. Interpretation of other arguments change accordingly. See documentation of bwplot for a fuller explanation.

pch, col, lty, lwd, col.line

graphical parameters


locations where reference lines will be drawn


grouping variable (affects graphical parameters)


extra parameters, passed to panel.xyplot which is responsible for drawing the foreground points (panel.dotplot only draws the background reference lines).


A logical flag, or list specifying whether and how a background grid should be drawn. In its general form grid can be a list of arguments to be supplied to panel.grid, which is called with those arguments. If FALSE, no grid lines are drawn. grid = TRUE is roughly equivalent to list(h = 0, v = -1) if horizontal = TRUE and list(h = -1, v = 0) if horizontal = FALSE. In other words, grid lines are drawn only for the numeric axis, as reference lines for the categorical axis are drawn regardless of the value of grid.


A character string that is prepended to the names of grobs that are created by this panel function.


Creates (possibly grouped) Dotplot of x against y or vice versa


Deepayan Sarkar Deepayan.Sarkar@R-project.org

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