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Grid Graphics


General information about the grid graphics package.


Grid graphics provides an alternative to the standard R graphics. The user is able to define arbitrary rectangular regions (called viewports) on the graphics device and define a number of coordinate systems for each region. Drawing can be specified to occur in any viewport using any of the available coordinate systems.

Grid graphics and standard R graphics do not mix!

Type library(help = grid) to see a list of (public) Grid graphics functions.


Paul Murrell

See Also

viewport, grid.layout, and unit.


## Diagram of a simple layout,2,
                     heights=unit(rep(1, 4),
                                  c("lines", "lines", "lines", "null")),
                     widths=unit(c(1, 1), "inches")))
## Diagram of a sample viewport, y=0.6,
                            width=unit(1, "inches"), height=unit(1, "inches")))
## A flash plotting example
grid.multipanel(vp=viewport(0.5, 0.5, 0.8, 0.8))

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