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Color Names


Returns the built-in color names which R knows about.


colors (distinct = FALSE)
colours(distinct = FALSE)



logical indicating if the colors returned should all be distinct; e.g., "snow" and "snow1" are effectively the same point in the (0:255)^3 RGB space.


These color names can be used with a col= specification in graphics functions.

An even wider variety of colors can be created with primitives rgb, hsv and hcl, or the derived rainbow, heat.colors, etc.

"transparent" is not a color and so not listed, but it is accepted as a color specification.


A character vector containing all the built-in color names.

See Also

palette for setting the ‘palette’ of colors for par(col=<num>); rgb, hsv, hcl, gray; rainbow for a nice example; and heat.colors, topo.colors for images.

col2rgb for translating to RGB numbers and extended examples.


cl <- colors()
length(cl); cl[1:20]

length(cl. <- colors(TRUE))
## only 502 of the 657 named ones

## ----------- Show all named colors and more:
## -----------

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