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BLAS thread safety


Most BLAS implementations are thread safe, but some versions of OpenBLAS, for example, are not. This routine is a diagnostic helper function, which you will never need if you don't set nthreads>1, and even then are unlikely to need.





Number of iterations to run of parallel BLAS calling code.


Number of parallel threads to use


While single threaded OpenBLAS 0.2.20 was thread safe, versions 0.3.0-0.3.6 are not, and from version 0.3.7 thread safety of the single threaded OpenBLAS requires making it with the option USE_LOCKING=1. The reference BLAS is thread safe, as are MKL and ATLAS. This routine repeatedly calls the BLAS from multi-threaded code and is sufficient to detect the problem in single threaded OpenBLAS 0.3.x.

A multi-threaded BLAS is often no faster than a single-threaded BLAS, while judicious use of threading in the code calling the BLAS can still deliver a modest speed improvement. For this reason it is often better to use a single threaded BLAS and the nthreads options to bam or gam. For bam(...,discrete=TRUE) using several threads can be a substantial benefit, especially with the reference BLAS.

The MKL BLAS is mutlithreaded by default. Under linux setting environment variable MKL_NUM_THREADS=1 before starting R gives single threaded operation.


Simon N. Wood

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