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Neurophysiological Point Process Data


neuro is a matrix containing times of observed firing of a neuron in windows of 250ms either side of the application of a stimulus to a human subject. Each row of the matrix is a replication of the experiment and there were a total of 469 replicates.


There are a lot of missing values in the matrix as different numbers of firings were observed in different replicates. The number of firings observed varied from 2 to 6.


The data were collected and kindly made available by Dr. S.J. Boniface of the Neurophysiology Unit at the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford.


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Ventura, V., Davison, A.C. and Boniface, S.J. (1997) A stochastic model for the effect of magnetic brain stimulation on a motorneurone. To appear in Applied Statistics.

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