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Darwin's Plant Height Differences


The darwin data frame has 15 rows and 1 columns.

Charles Darwin conducted an experiment to examine the superiority of cross-fertilized plants over self-fertilized plants. 15 pairs of plants were used. Each pair consisted of one cross-fertilized plant and one self-fertilized plant which germinated at the same time and grew in the same pot. The plants were measured at a fixed time after planting and the difference in heights between the cross- and self-fertilized plants are recorded in eighths of an inch.




This data frame contains the following column:


The difference in heights for the pairs of plants (in units of 0.125 inches).


The data were obtained from

Fisher, R.A. (1935) Design of Experiments. Oliver and Boyd.


Darwin, C. (1876) The Effects of Cross- and Self-fertilisation in the Vegetable Kingdom. John Murray.

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