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Genetic Links to Left-handedness


The claridge data frame has 37 rows and 2 columns.

The data are from an experiment which was designed to look for a relationship between a certain genetic characteristic and handedness. The 37 subjects were women who had a son with mental retardation due to inheriting a defective X-chromosome. For each such mother a genetic measurement of their DNA was made. Larger values of this measurement are known to be linked to the defective gene and it was hypothesized that larger values might also be linked to a progressive shift away from right-handednesss. Each woman also filled in a questionnaire regarding which hand they used for various tasks. From these questionnaires a measure of hand preference was found for each mother. The scale of this measure goes from 1, indicating someone who always favours their right hand, to 8, indicating someone who always favours their left hand. Between these two extremes are people who favour one hand for some tasks and the other for other tasks.




This data frame contains the following columns:


The genetic measurement on each woman's DNA.


The measure of left-handedness on an integer scale from 1 to 8.


The data were kindly made available by Dr. Gordon S. Claridge from the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford.


Davison, A.C. and Hinkley, D.V. (1997) Bootstrap Methods and Their Application. Cambridge University Press.

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