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The R package ‘timeDate’ provides class ‘timeDate’ for working with date/time. The ‘timeDate’ class fulfils the conventions of the ISO 8601 standard as well as of the ANSI C and POSIX standards. Beyond these standards it provides the “Financial Center” concept which allows to handle data records collected in different time zones and mix them up to have always the proper time stamps with respect to your personal financial center, or alternatively to the GMT reference time. It can thus also handle time stamps from historical data records from the same time zone, even if the financial centers changed day light saving times at different calendar dates.

Package timeDate is part of the Rmetrics suite of R packages and is developed on R-forge at timeDate. The root of Rmetrics is at R-forge.

Installing timeDate

Install the latest stable version of timeDate from CRAN:


You can install the development version of timeDate from R-forge:

install.packages("timeDate", repos = "")

To report bugs visit Rmetrics.


You can view the documentation of timeDate at timeDateDoc or download the reference manual of the latest release from CRAN.