survRM2adapt: Flexible and Coherent Test/Estimation Procedure Based on Restricted Mean Survival Times

The survRM2adapt package includes the follwoing two main functions – 1) rmst2adapt and 2)ltrmst2adapt.

  1. The rmst2adapt function estimates the restricted mean survival time (RMST) with a time window [0, tau] (ie, the standard RMST), where tau is selected during the procedure from among the time points provided by the user. For details, see Horiguchi et al. (2018) [1]

  2. The ltrmst2adapt function estimates the RMST with a time window [tau1, tau2] (ie, the long-term RMST), where tau1 is selected during the procedure, same as above. For details, see Horiguchi et al. (2023) [2]


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[1] Horiguchi M, Cronin A, Takeuchi M, Uno H. A flexible and coherent test/estimation procedure based on restricted mean survival times for censored time-to-event data in randomized clinical trials. Statistics in Medicine 2018;37(15):2307-2320.

[2] Horiguchi M, Tian L, Uno H. On assessing survival benefit of immunotherapy using long-term restricted mean survival time. Statistics in Medicine 2023;42(8):1139-1155.