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sass 0.3.1

This small patch release changes sass::sass_cache_context_dir() to use tools::R_user_dir() over rappdirs::user_cache_dir() (when relevant, as requested by CRAN). (#70)

sass 0.3.0

This release improves the caching of CSS compilation in sass(). Previously, caching was (by default) enabled in non-interactive() sessions and was allowed to grow indefinitely within tempdir() (i.e., within an R session). Now, caching is enabled by default in both interactive and non-interactive R sessions. In most cases, the cache will be stored in a user-level cache directory and persist across R sessions. In some cases (such as deployment on Shiny Server or Connect), the cache will be stored in a subdirectory of the application named cache/, to eliminate the risk of cache poisoning across applications. For more information about where the cache is stored, see ?sass_cache_get.

Although caching is now enabled by default, it still may not be desirable while developing Sass code, because of the possibility of a false positive. (For more, see the Caching section of ?sass) Caching can be disabled with options(sass.cache = FALSE). Also, to help reduce the chance of a false positive in caching, sass() now includes a cache_key_extra parameter which may be used to pass information that the Sass input may not capture, such as file imports.

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