longevity: Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Excess Lifetimes

A collection of parametric and nonparametric methods for the analysis of survival data. Parametric families implemented include Gompertz-Makeham, exponential and generalized Pareto models and extended models. The package includes an implementation of the nonparametric maximum likelihood estimator for arbitrary truncation and censoring pattern based on Turnbull (1976) <doi:10.1111/j.2517-6161.1976.tb01597.x>, along with graphical goodness-of-fit diagnostics. Parametric models for positive random variables and peaks over threshold models based on extreme value theory are described in Rootzén and Zholud (2017) <doi:10.1007/s10687-017-0305-5>; Belzile et al. (2021) <doi:10.1098/rsos.202097> and Belzile et al. (2022) <doi:10.1146/annurev-statistics-040120-025426>.

Version: 1.1.1
Depends: R (≥ 4.0.0)
Imports: numDeriv, Rcpp (≥ 1.0.6), rlang, Rsolnp
LinkingTo: Rcpp, RcppArmadillo
Suggests: knitr, ggplot2 (≥ 3.0.0), tinytest, rmarkdown
Published: 2024-07-19
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.longevity
Author: Leo Belzile ORCID iD [aut, cre]
Maintainer: Leo Belzile <belzilel at gmail.com>
BugReports: https://github.com/lbelzile/longevity/issues
License: GPL-3
URL: https://lbelzile.github.io/longevity/
NeedsCompilation: yes
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Vignettes: Introducing longevity
Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation for survival data


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