JAMES Analysis R Package

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The JAMES analysis R package is part of the JAMES framework. This R package is used to analyze and visualize results obtained using the analysis tools from the extensions module.


The package is available on CRAN. It can be installed with:


To load the package after installation:



Use data <- readJAMES("path/to/file") the load a JSON file in R that was created using the analysis tools from the JAMES extensions module (in Java). An object of class james is returned. Run summary(data) to summarize the results, or mergeJAMES and reduceJAMES to manipulate them.

To extract data, the following functions are provided:

To visualize the results, use:

Detailed documentation is provided for each function and can be accessed by typing ?function, as usual. To view the help file for the box plots, type ?boxplot.james (this is an implementation of the S3 method boxplot from the standard graphics package for class james).


Some examples are included in the help files of the available functions. More extensive examples of how to analyze the results will soon be provided at the website.

License and copyright

The JAMES analysis R package is licensed under the MIT License, see http://www.r-project.org/Licenses/MIT. Copyright information is stated in the LICENSE file.

User forum

Users may post questions on the forum. Instructions for participating without a Google account are available at the website.


The JAMES framework is developed and maintained by

Please use the forum instead of directly mailing the developers whenever possible, so that others may benefit from or contribute to the discussion as well.


A list of changes is provided in the NEWS file.