To cite the covidcast package in publications use:

Arnold T, Bien J, Brooks L, Colquhoun S, Farrow D, Grabman J, Maynard-Zhang P, Reinhart A, Tibshirani R (2023). covidcast: Client for Delphi's COVIDcast Epidata API. R package version 0.5.2,

To cite COVIDcast data in publications use:

Reinhart A, Brooks L, Jahja M, Rumack A, Tang J, Agrawal S, Saeed WA, Arnold T, Basu A, Bien J, Cabrera ÁA, Chin A, Chua EJ, Clark B, Colquhoun S, DeFries N, Farrow DC, Forlizzi J, Grabman J, Gratzl S, Green A, Haff G, Han R, Harwood K, Hu AJ, Hyde R, Hyun S, Joshi A, Kim J, Kuznetsov A, La Motte-Kerr W, Lee YJ, Lee K, Lipton ZC, Liu MX, Mackey L, Mazaitis K, McDonald DJ, McGuinness P, Narasimhan B, O’Brien MP, Oliveira NL, Patil P, Perer A, Politsch CA, Rajanala S, Rucker D, Scott C, Shah NH, Shankar V, Sharpnack J, Shemetov D, Simon N, Smith BY, Srivastava V, Tan S, Tibshirani R, Tuzhilina E, Van Nortwick AK, Ventura V, Wasserman L, Weaver B, Weiss JC, Whitman S, Williams K, Rosenfeld R, Tibshirani RJ (2021). “An open repository of real-time COVID-19 indicators.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(51). doi:10.1073/pnas.2111452118.

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