Plotting in conquestr

Dan Cloney



conquestr has two main types of plots. The first is plots based on the plot command in ACER ConQuest. These plots are done using the generic function conquestr::plotRout The second is more general plots, usually of the inputs or outputs of IRT estimate.



myRout <- ConQuestRout()
#> no rout file provided, loading the example rout file instead

General Plots

You can plot an arbitrary information function against a distribution of students - a so called information Wright map.

myDeltaDots <- data.frame(
  id = c(1:10),
  itemid = paste0("item", 1:10),
  delta = rnorm(10)

MyTaus <- data.frame(
  id = c(2L, 10L),
  itemId = NA,
  step = c(1L, 1L),
  tau = rnorm(2)

myItemList <- makeItemList(deltaDot = myDeltaDots, tau = MyTaus)

myPersons <- rnorm(500, 1, 1)
informationWrightMap(myItems = myItemList, myAbilities = myPersons, minTheta = -6, maxTheta = 6)