connectapi 0.2.0

Breaking changes

Enhancements and fixes


connectapi 0.1.3

connectapi 0.1.2



Other Changes



BREAKING: * Switch from RSTUDIO_CONNECT_* variables to CONNECT_* variables * Rename a handful of functions: - connect$activate_bundle to connect$content_deploy - connect$create_app to connect$content_create - connect$upload_bundle to connect$content_upload - connect$get_users to connect$users * Change some return types to be consistent with the API - connect$content_upload returns the response instead of bundle_id - connect$content_deploy returns the response instead of task_id * Switch endpoints from using app_id to guid * get_task$start renamed to get_task$first * promote$app_name renamed to promote$name * rename the package to connectapi * change functions to take a Connect object instead of server / api key - cache_apps - tag_page

OTHER: * Add some endpoints: - content - audit_logs - server_settings - server_settings_r - inst_shiny_usage - inst_content_visits * Add some helper functions: - swap_vanity_url, deployment functions - browse_ family of functions - users_create_remote and groups_create_remote for remote users/groups * Update Connect R6 object to be compatible with Connect 1.7.0+ APIs * Added a file to track changes to the package. * Add integration testing to protect against regressions * Add tbl_connect() as a lazy_tbl for querying Connect API endpoints * Add get_* functions as alternatives to lazy_tbl

connectapi 0.1.0