altdoc is a simple and powerful package to create documentation websites for R packages. altdoc makes it trivial to create beautiful websites for simple R packages, and it can efficiently organize documentation for complex projects with hundreds of functions or dozens vignettes. Its features include:


You can install the CRAN version:


You can also install the development version to benefit from the latest bug fixes:


Quick start

A typical workflow with altdoc is to execute these commands from the root directory of the package:

### Create the website structure for one of the documentation generators
setup_docs(tool = "docsify")
# setup_docs(tool = "docute")
# setup_docs(tool = "mkdocs")
# setup_docs(tool = "quarto_website")

### Render the vignettes and man pages

### Preview the website

See the Get Started vignette for more details.


The websites in this table were created using Altdoc:

Document Generator R Package Website Settings
Docute altdoc 🌐 Altdoc Settings
Quarto modelsummary 🌐 Altdoc settings
Quarto marginaleffects 🌐 Altdoc Settings
MkDocs polars 🌐 Github Repository
Docsify plot2 🌐 Altdoc Settings
Docsify conductor 🌐 GitHub Repository
Docsify countrycode 🌐 Altdoc Settings
Docsify WDI 🌐 Altdoc Settings



The altdoc website includes more information on topics like:

The initial version of the logo was created with Chat-GPT and edited in Gimp by Vincent Arel-Bundock.