RKorAPClient 0.8.1

RKorAPClient 0.8.0

RKorAPClient 0.7.7

RKorAPClient 0.7.6

RKorAPClient 0.7.5 (CRAN release)

RKorAPClient 0.7.4 (unreleased due to CRAN requests)

RKorAPClient 0.7.3 (unreleased due to CRAN requests)

RKorAPClient 0.7.2 (CRAN release)

RKorAPClient 0.7.1 (CRAN release)

Version change invalidates cache

The change of the minor version from 6 to 7 automatically invalidates your cached query results. However, since the API has not changed, you can continue using the old cached results by copying or renaming your cache folder.

On linux, for example, this can look like this:

mv ~/.cache/R/R.cache/RKorAPClient_0.6 ~/.cache/R/R.cache/RKorAPClient_0.7

or like this:

mv ~/.Rcache/RKorAPClient_0.6 ~/.Rcache/RKorAPClient_0.7

To find the RKorAPClient cache directory for your environment, you can use:


RKorAPClient 0.7.0

New Features

Bug Fixes

RKorAPClient 0.6.1 (CRAN release)


RKorAPClient 0.6.0


RKorAPClient 0.5.9


RKorAPClient 0.5.8


Bug Fixes

RKorAPClient 0.5.7


Bug Fixes

RKorAPClient 0.5.6

RKorAPClient 0.5.5

RKorAPClient 0.5.4

RKorAPClient 0.5.3

RKorAPClient 0.5.2

RKorAPClient 0.5.1

RKorAPClient 0.5.0