RApiSerialize: C-level Serialization from R

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This package provides C-level serialization as R does for itself. It is useful if you are writing C (or C++) code in an R package which needs to (un)serialize R data structures, and wants to do it faster than calling the corresponding R level function would do.

In other words, this is somewhat specialised for situation of high data throughput, or other cases of a need for high performance. Or maybe you are just impatient and want the result faster.

This package owes a lot of debt to the Rhpc package by Ei-ji Nakama and Junji Nakano. It gave me the idea of using a copy of the code which is not exported by R itself. And of course credit is due to the R Core team for writing R, and the code used here.

Example use

See my RcppRedis package for use of this package


Copyrights are held by the respective authors, in particular Ei-ji Nakama and Junji Nakano as well as the R Core Team for the intial version of the actual serialization code, and Dirk Eddelbuettel for subsequent modificatons and the remainder of the package.


GPL (>= 2)