MaxentVariableSelection v1.0-3

Updated the vignette and added DOIs to the cited references in the description. Also added a small executable in the example section of the main function VariableSelection().

MaxentVariableSelection v1.0-2

Corrected text version of package citation

MaxentVariableSelection v1.0-1

Updated the citation of the ‘MaxentVariableSelection’ to Jueterbock A, Smolina I, Coyer JA and Hoarau, G (2016) The fate of the Arctic seaweed Fucus distichus under climate change: an ecological niche modelling approach. Ecology and Evolution 6(6), 1712-1724

MaxentVariableSelection v1.0-0

Initial release on github while associated paper is submitted to Journal of Biogeogrpahy. The package will be uploaded on CRAN upon acceptance of the manuscript